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Hope you guys like~ :D


This is some awesome stuff!

About me

Anthro Artist Stamp by ClitoralDamage Anti Anthro Porn Stamp by StrawberryJuicie I Support Anthro Stamp by lenatheloser :thumb76810001: I love Anime stamp by Suzanne98 Anime 24-7 stamp by Miho-Nosaka-stamps
One Piece Luffy Stamp by erjanks One Piece Nami Stamp by erjanks Not a weeaboo stamp by Rhoey
Okami stamp by THODRAGONFIRE Okami Howl - Stamp by 8TwilightAngel8
Shiranui Stamp by Stamp221 wolf stamp by war-armor I'm a Wolf - Stamp by theBravewolf
Wolf Link Stamp by DarkTwilightWolf Midna Stamp by HedginaCo Midlink Stamp by MidnaLoverSilvs
Pokemon Y by Marlenesstamps Pokemon Yveltal Stamp by RinixKiyoshi Eevee by Marlenesstamps
Suicune Love Stamp by SquirtleStamps Absol Love Stamp by SquirtleStamps Luxray Love Stamp by SquirtleStamps

:bulletblue: Hi, I'm Blue! Nice to meet you. I'm kinda shy, but talkative once you get to know me. I have decent art skills, but if you be my friend I'm sure to give you an awesome friendship!

:bulletblue: Favorites :bulletblue:

:bulletblue: Food: Pizza, Ramen, and meat is good

:bulletblue: Drinks: Pepsi, Coca Cola, and hot chocolate

:bulletblue: Animals: Any kind of canine is good with me c:

:bulletblue: Anime/Manga: Sailor Moon, Tokyo Mew Mew, Maid Sama, The World God Only Knows, One Piece, Ouran High School Host Club

:bulletblue: Art style: Digital

:bulletblue: About me :bulletblue:

:bulletblue: Eye color? Brown, wish they were blue though

:bulletblue: Hair color? Blond

:bulletblue: Home state? Illinois

:bulletblue: Pets? 5 dogs

:bulletblue: Birthday? October 28th

:bulletblue: Gender? Female


:bulletblue: Can I have a request?
Only if you're a friend.

:bulletblue: Thanks for the fav/llama/watch

:bulletblue: Can I have points?

:bulletblue: Love your characters!

:bulletblue: Can I use your characters?

:bulletblue: Can I draw your characters?
Ask me first.

:bulletblue: Do you bite?
Not at all!

:bulletblue: I hate Logan, he's a jerk.
Piss off. He's my character, and I can do whatever the hell I want with him.

:bulletblue: Logan sucks.
And so do you. I'm sorry, but Logan is my character. He is a reflection off of me. A long time ago two assholes ganged up on me about how much of a jerk Logan is. If you don't like him, then just go away. It's not your decision what I do with MY character.

:bulletblue: -chain letter-
Get out, now.

:bulletblue: Do you have a boyfriend?
Yes, -----> :icondogekipz:

:bulletblue: Do you use_____?
I use Paint Tool Sai, and a tablet.

My babies

Hnng by NarcissistiKk <--------Me ;3;

Commission - Sage by Skoryx PC: Sage Journal Doll by lava-java Sage badge by SageFutarki-Angel Sage by Camilathemew
Sage Scout Futarki: Sage is a 20 year old, intelligent collage student, whom loves to read and write. Though he is tall, and kind of geeky, he is brave. Sage is calm, and always giving good advice to his friends and family. He is the god of water, and symbolizes courage, and shows that when fighting. Though his nose is always in a book, he'll put it down to help you if you need it.

Commission - Logan by Skoryx
Renard Logan Angelic: Logan is slightly shorter then Sage, but that does not mean he lacks in power! Logan is a very handsome and strong young man, but is very quick tempered. He is stubborn, and very rude at times. But he is calm and sweet at times. Though he comes off to be mean, he is very sweet inside. Logan is the god of angels, and represents my persona as my damaged side.

Commission - Joy by Skoryx
Jupiter "Joy" Angel: Joy is a very sweet and loving person. She is the goddess of love, and has a huge crush on Sage. Joy is very motherly, and loves to cook. She does most of the cleaning around the house, and gets it done pretty fast. Joy is always trying to find ways to confess to Sage, and goes to Bella for tips. She loves her friends and family endlessly. Joy is a beautiful young lady, and represents my sweet and loving side.
CO - Bella Star by Skoryx
Bella Star: Bella is a very bold and stubborn teenage blond. She is very flirtatious when it comes to her crush, Logan. She is the goddess of space and endlessness. She is often giving Joy romantic tips and is helping out others. She refuses to listen to what she is told, and goes her own way. She is her own boss. But she is soft when it comes to Logan, and when others need help. Bella represents my stubborn streak, and bold side.

Balto "Bolt" Techno: Bolt is a young boy who loves anything to do with technology. He often doubts himself and gets made fun of because he loves to invent. Bolt is the god of technology, and represents the symbol of knowledge. He is very smart and clever when it comes to a plan or idea. He often builds suits and machines for the gang so they can advance their skills. Bolt represents my shy and doubtful sidedi</v>


Blink icon/Bounce icon
Sagey icon by SageFutarki-Angel
Minty Icon by SageFutarki-Angel
Yui Icon by SageFutarki-Angel
Echo icon by SageFutarki-Angel
Glovet Icon by SageFutarki-Angel
Echo bounce icon by SageFutarki-Angel
Just simple blink or bounce  icons of your oc uvu
Realistic hair headshot
Hayabusa hair practice headshot by SageFutarki-Angel
Sage- Aquatic spell master by SageFutarki-Angel
The girl who loves pink by SageFutarki-Angel
IDK just for practice I guess o_o
Sage-watching the fiery sunset by SageFutarki-Angel
Logan- burning terror by SageFutarki-Angel
I love you! by SageFutarki-Angel
The embarrassed blonde by SageFutarki-Angel
Your stary smile by SageFutarki-Angel
Sage's pretty new sword by SageFutarki-Angel
Just simple or detailed manga or anime. Can be digital or traditional ;w; 
sonic style
Chicha Kitoby- the chinchilla by SageFutarki-Angel
Dimitri Umpire- the bat by SageFutarki-Angel
Dimitri-those eyes by SageFutarki-Angel
Flirty bat boy by SageFutarki-Angel
Sharna Ayaza-sonic channel by SageFutarki-Angel
soni styled
Reference sheets
Renard Logan Angelic 2014 refernce sheet by SageFutarki-Angel
Sage Scout Futarki 2014 refernce sheet by SageFutarki-Angel
Ref sheets are time consuming and take me awhile. I can redisign a character for you with the ref sheet, or just draw a ref sheet. I can also design you a character from scratch, but you'll need to note me about it, with SPECIFIC details. I need to know everything you want your character to look like. 

Fill out this form if you want a character designed from scratch:

Species: (can be human, feral, anthro, creatures, anything you want)
Hair color: 
Eye color:
Any special details:

Master pieces
Travis in the sunlight by SageFutarki-Angel
Twillight Reaper by SageFutarki-Angel
Sunset mink by SageFutarki-Angel
I will draw you a master piece. Please give me specific details and characters you want drawn. And I will take my time with it. uvu    

Can I get your opinion? On this bio, I'm working on? ;w; 

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Need Pokemon help

Journal Entry: Thu Dec 11, 2014, 6:04 PM
Once again, I am completing my pokedex in Omega Ruby. But I'm missing some that I had before. I have no idea with what happened to them. But they are gone. They are really hard to get Pokemon. So if you could help me, talk to me on Skype. My user name is Sage Futarki

Artwork on the top by Wolfvids
Credit to Okami makers

I want a Diamond and Pearl remake

Journal Entry: Mon Dec 8, 2014, 4:24 PM
Do it Nintendo noaaaaaaaaaw~~~

I'm serious. My very first main series Pokemon game was Diamond, so it would be just awesome if they made one.

Artwork on the top by Wolfvids
Credit to Okami makers

Finished my best fursuit head!

Journal Entry: Fri Dec 5, 2014, 7:58 AM
Omg I love how she turned out <3 I'll probably redo her ears, and add the rest of her markings and hair. But other wise she turned out nicely! She fits my head well, but I'll need a balacalava to protect my head from the fur, and so I won't sweat. I didn't have the highest quality fur, but she still looks nice despite it all. I still need to make her hands, and her tail. She looks better then the last few I've made of her. Her mouth does not open, due to me not having anything I can make her mouth open with. Bleh, oh well. I'm going to ask for lots of fursuit supplies for christmas so I can make and try to sell them. So happy omg <3

Artwork on the top by Wolfvids
Credit to Okami makers
Sketch book Auction - OPEN by SageFutarki-Angel
Sketch book Auction - OPEN
EDIT: I forgot to add this, but the Auction ends Friday. Silly me! XD

This is a sketch book auction, you'll have to read through this before you bid ;w;

How it works: Once bought, I will draw you 50 sketches of your own choice. Please note these will be digital sketches. I can get maybe maximum 3 done per day. (I do have school to deal with ;n; ) You can color or draw line art on the sketches however you want after I send them to you. Just as long as you give me credit for the sketch. Please note that I will not draw certain things.

I can draw:
-animals (I can only draw anime or toony themed animals, realistic is hard for me)

I can't and WILL NOT draw:
-adult themes

Starting Bid: 50 :points:
Minimum increase: 20 :points:
Autobuy: 800 :points: (if autobought, I will add in three completed drawings for 3 of your sketches.)

Just comment with your bid, and check back with me to see if you've been out-bidded ;w;

Art @ me :iconsagefutarki-angel:
$10 mocha themed fox adopt- OPEN by SageFutarki-Angel
$10 mocha themed fox adopt- OPEN
Just a quick adopt, it's on FA too…

-link me back art! I wanna see ;w;
-note me if you want to buy
-can change gender, design, add clothes, wings, horns, accessories, etc.


Design and art belongs to @ me :iconsagefutarki-angel:

Need Pokemon help

Journal Entry: Thu Dec 11, 2014, 6:04 PM
Once again, I am completing my pokedex in Omega Ruby. But I'm missing some that I had before. I have no idea with what happened to them. But they are gone. They are really hard to get Pokemon. So if you could help me, talk to me on Skype. My user name is Sage Futarki

Artwork on the top by Wolfvids
Credit to Okami makers

Can I get your opinion? On this bio, I'm working on? ;w; 

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Artist | Hobbyist | Varied
United States
ID by the amazing :icongleaminggold:

my website:…

Hello, my name is Julianne, but I go by Julie. Or you can call me Heiwa-ko. I am a teenage artist, and I love anime and video games. I also love ramen noodles, and pizza. I draw quite often, and I use sketches and my art program is Paint tool Sai. I'm trying to make a manga, and make money off of it, because my family doesn't have much money at times. ;n; but anywho, I take commissions for points, and I know I'm not the best artist in the world but I do appreciate all your compliments and critiques.

Sage by Camilathemew
:PC: Sage Dire Hydro Blast by TheBlackHex Breeze (C) by qhostpaws Sage badge by SageFutarki-Angel

Jd for bluewolfherosagedire by Darkness35Wolf

Sage badge by SageFutarki-Angel Logan Badge by SageFutarki-Angel Titan badge by SageFutarki-Angel PC: SageFutarki-Angel Journal Doll by lava-java

Hnng by NarcissistiKk

Commission - Sage by Skoryx Commission - Logan by Skoryx Commission - Joy by Skoryx CO - Bella Star by Skoryx Echo by AsylumMutt

:PC- BlueWolfHeroSageDire- Sage Logo: by DatAwesomeKrys Sage Dire Pixel by Millennium-Puzzled
:thumb366024204: sage stamp by amyainrose logan stamp by amyainrose Flame Dire Stamp by amyainrose Bolt Techno Stamp by amyainrose Jupiter Joy Angel Stamp by amyainrose
::Sage:: (JD | PC) by Fluffuu
.Pc. sage doll by AshleyShiotome
PC: Sage Journal Doll by lava-java

a href="…">My birthday badge

My da family:

My wifey, she's the most important person to me in whole world - :iconkagamei:

The person that I'm stalking, aka my boyfriend XD - :icondogekipz:

My glowing doggie- :iconglovv:

Crazy stalker sister :iconashannemarie:

Friendly neighborhood hobo :icontheblackhex:

That crazy hobo who's addicted to skittles :iconxxopalcrescentxx:

My most special and lovable friend :iconaurentheechidna:

My pet chicken :icondentistchicken:

My KAWAII cat :iconhappyactor:



Muh Icons:
Blue Complex Pixel Icon by friendfry :thumb349509677: :.:COMM.BlueWolfHeroFutark:.: by XPinky-AliceX RQ: Sage Pixel Icon by Phuong-Tran 50x50 Sage by DatAwesomeKrys .:AT:.Sage dire icon by amyainrose :iconsagedirelaplz: BlueWolfHeroSageDire by rainscarce Sage Icon by OmNomJaffaCake :: Kizuato Icon :: by Fluffuu I Give Up My Water And Watch You Sink In by ChinZaPep Renard Avvie by CandiPhoenixes Blue the Wolf by CandiPhoenixes Sage the wolf by CandiPhoenixes

R.I.P. Emerald 2012-2013.......


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318 / 17,000
Points for Commisions here!

I appreciate the llamas, but I'd rather have points

Or if anybody would like to donate! :D :iconyayzplz: :iconwoohooplz:

I work so hard on my art. You must donate :iconimadplz: XD
Just kidding

I don't care how much, even one point will satisfy me! ^^

:iconpointcommissionsask: :icontradesask:

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-shakes head-
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